About Tehnologistic, the company behind Train-O-Matic

Tehnologistic is developing and producing electronics for large model train manufacturers, as well directly for model train fans. We are dedicated to make products that give the highest satisfaction for the user, as we are passionate about our creations.

Until only a few years ago relatively unknown outside its homeland, in Romania Tehnologistic is a known and highly respected brand for its quality products.  It might come to no surprise that also this company, like any successful tech company, started in a garage. In 1991, two Albert brothers ran the business  from their grandmother’s garage, though soon the passionate entrepreneur György Albert continued as the solo owner. In the years that followed, he expanded to her house, then as business really start to take off taking over both of the neighbouring houses on each side of grandmother’s.  But with all that growth,  grandmother still was allowed some space to make her famous apple pies…

In 2008 Tehnologistic moved to its current premises in Apahida, near Cluj in Romania. Cluj is known as one of the strongest technological city in the country. Over the years, Tehnologistic has grown to become a company with a respectable size of 38 employees today. 

Tehnologistic Ltd.

Str. Libertatii Nr. 35A

407035 Apahida, Cluj


Tel +40-264-556454

Fax +40-264-441275

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