Knowledge base: Firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade

Train-O-Matic regularly updates the firmware of the decoder. If you like to stay up to date with new features that are being added, you need the Train-O-Matic Programmer to upload firmware updates to the decoder.

How to know the decoder is really a Train-O-Matic decoder?

A:    Check CV 8 and the value should be 78.

How to find the installed firmware version in the Train-O-Matic decoder.

A: The current  firmware version of the Lokommander II decoders can be read from CVs 253,254,255,256 as follows:

X.X.XXX    First part of version number: CV 253 (for example 3)

X.X.XXX    Second part of version number:  CV 254 (for example 7)

X.X.XXX    Subversion/Build Number: (CV255 x 256) + CV256  (for example  if CV255 = 0 and CV256 = 236 this means build number is 236)

In the above example the firmware version is 3.7.236.

Where to download firmware updates?

A:    They will be available in the future in the Downloads section on this website.

How to know you have the file with the correct firmware?

A:    The name of the file will have the part number of the decoder (for example 02010220 for the Micro 6P). You can find the part numbers on our Decoders page. When opening the file in the tOm Programmer software, a window pops up confirming the part number for the update (in the same example as before this will be “File for Model:02010220”).

Error message “Different model type, No match!”.

A:    Only Train-O-Matic decoders can be updated and each 

When starting the update, an error appears: “Microprocessor don’t match” (yes, we are aware of that grammatical mistake!).

A1:     Check if you have a model where the chassis is being used to transport power to the decoder.  If the plus of the lights is also connected to the chassis and not to the blue wire,  disconnect the white and yellow wires of the decoder from the lights to update the firmware. Re-attached them afterwards, or when possible, connect the blue wire to the plus side of the lamp instead of the mass of the chassis to solve this hurdle once and for all.

Using some old type light bulbs also can cause other problems. The cold resistance of those light bulbs can be very low, and could trigger the short circuit protection of the AUX outputs on the decoders. If it is the case, a solution would be to insert between the light wires and bulbs (white, yellow) a series resistor with a value of 10-22-33 Ohm. This will increase the initial (cold) resistance of the light bulbs (which is seen by the decoder), and will not cause short circuit detection at start up.

A2:    Make sure you are using the correct firmware file. Every decoder has its own firmware update.

Can the firmware be downgraded and install an earlier firmware?

A:    Yes.