Knowledge base: SUSI Sound

SUSI Sound

A SUSI sound module is connected, but there is no sound (and sound has been installed on the module).

A:    CV 122 decides if SUSI is on or off. Default value is 66 (off). To turn SUSI on, set value to 71.

Using a Doehler & Haass SUSI sound module in combination with a Powerpack, the sound is stuttering. Most noticeable when driving.

A:    In CV 961 (Threshold value ZVS) of the Doehler & Haass module, write the value 4. 

Background explanation: The Doehler & Haass sound module only needs 5V to work, but by default it is set to stop working when it receives less than 10V (value 10 in CV 961). It will switch itself off when the voltage drops below 10V. So when the train looses power from the track, due to dirt on the track for example, the  powerpack will start to power the DCC decoder and D&H sound module. This energy coming from the powerpack will be around 8V. If the value of CV 961 is more than 8 (in this case the standard value 10, for example), the D&H sound module will turn itself off, because it receives less than 10V. Therefore, if you set the value below 8, like value 6, you tell the D&H sound module to switch off only when it receives under 4V.